A ride for friends and lovers on the most romantic and sophisticated streets of Brisbane

You are invited to participate in the 2016 Ultra Provocatorio Invitationale.

This bike ride traverses 50 km of the most romantic streets of Brisbane and you are invited to ask all your friends and lovers.

Please express your bicycleness in any manner you feel comfortable with. Wear fancy dress, your favourite lycra or t-shirt; some people have been known to glam it up. There is a prize for the most provocative dress: The right to wear, for one year, the actual nicks of Mario Cipollini. (On the condition that they are never washed.)

The ride is partially a fund-raiser for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. A $20 or more tax deductible donation to the CBCF, using the link shown to the right, would be appreciated. An informal free breakfast based on Swiss rösti will take place afterwards.

We hope to see you at the Anzac Park, Toowong, 6:30 am on Sunday 17th April. Enquiries: Mark (0416 802 834 / m.riley@uq.edu.au)